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Shari Larode

CEO of D Precision Mechanical


Meet Our CEO

Shari Larode, the CEO and founder of D Precision Mechanical, is a dynamic leader in the mechanical industry. With her expertise and dedication, Shari established D Precision Mechanical, a company that delivers exceptional fabrication services. Shari Larode ignited her journey with an unwavering dedication to fabricating excellence and serving the community.

As a woman leading a mechanical company in a construction trade, Shari is making significant strides. She is not just the face of the company demonstrating her knowledge and abilities alongside her team. Her vision is to revolutionize the mechanical sector and establish D Precision Mechanical as a trusted name in the industry.

Shari’s journey to leading a successful mechanical company is a story of passion and resilience. Her story serves as an inspiration for many, particularly women aspiring to make their mark in the construction industry.

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30+ years of experience.

At D Precision Mechanical, our team stands out with key differentiators that set us apart in the industry. We have access to a highly skilled team of mechanical contractors, bringing expertise and diversity to our projects. With years of experience, we have honed our ability to provide essential auxiliary elements and utilize state-of-the-art mechanical services.


Committed to delivering quality work on schedule.

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Home to experts mastering precision and craftsmanship.

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Mechanical HVAC Services in New York City

Experience top-tier HVAC Mechanical Services right in the heart of New York City. Our team delivers precision, quality, and timely results, empowering your projects in the city that never sleeps.


HVAC services ensuring optimal climate control and energy efficiency.

Mechanical Piping

Mechanical piping services for efficient, reliable fluid transport systems.